Storing Farm Equipment


When you need a place to store farm equipment you know the folks at Barn, Shed, and Carport can provide the best! We specialize in helping farmers like you get just the right size building for what you need. Clearly, metal buildings offer many advantages and benefits and that is why they have quickly become so popular in the farming and agriculture industries.

Since all of our barns, sheds, or carports are produced to order, each structure is pretty much built with the customer’s specific needs in mind. Basically, your barn, shed, or carport comes in 5’ length sections with base rails that should be properly anchored to whatever type surface the customer has or will have. Each “end” of the structure has a 6” overhang which adds one foot to the length. Some customers choose to put the entire overhang on one end resulting in a one foot overhang

Throughout time, wooden storage barns coated in a darkish red paint have been iconic images most people associate with the perfect, cute, little farm. Moreover, yes, long ago, when metal and steel were the more expensive material to use, wood was the correct choice. However, times have changed; today’s farmers now know the right choice are metal/steel barns and storage sheds. The price of wood has gone up in the last few years and so therefore, the option, which will be easier on the wallet and finances, is metal or steel.

So why would you choose a metal shed among all the other choices available on the market? We can name a few like Quality, Durability, Affordability, and those are just some of the reasons why a metal shed just makes sense. Here at Barn, Shed, & Carport Direct we also offer additional benefits like your choice of colors so you can match your home. Metal sheds are quite simply built to last a long time; it’s really hard to go wrong with a metal shed.

In addition to the high quality coat of protective paint that you’re building receives to help and keep it from common problems like rusting; your metal building is not susceptible to the things some wood sheds are. Issues with wood sheds include problems like rats chewing holes in the wood, insect infestations like termites, wood rot or one of many other common lumber problems. When you invest with us your satisfaction is guaranteed at Barn, Shed & Carport Direct; we stand behind every single metal shed that we sell to farmers like you.

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