Steel or Wood Shed… What is the best choice?


Dear Barn, Shed & Carport Direct,

Over the winter season, I had this great moment of reflection while enjoying some hot cocoa one bitter cold morning. I was thinking about the abuse the forces of nature have brought to my small family farm in the last several years. My wooden barns can’t withstand damages such as dry rot, broken boards, chipped paint, water damage, fires and more; not to mention the loss of equipment, hay, feed and other supplies. All of this is costing me up the wazoo to fix, replace and maintain. As a good farmer, I treat all the problems brought forth to me as quickly and proficiently as money, time and weather will let me but I am just getting sick and tired of doing it each and every year. So what could be my solution?

Eureka! I’ve got it! I went online, did some research and came across a great solution to my problem. Instead of mending my wooden structures each time something happens I should just reinvest in a more durable product. When looking at materials to construct a barn out of, I came across the new trend these days of switching from wood barns to metal and steel barns; this was already a plus to me because I wouldn’t have to worry about my old wooden barn that stores hay going up in flames as fast if there was a wildfire around my area. I was shocked as I read all the stories about how well other farmers’ steel barns were with standing the elements and how little maintenance they were to keep up. The upkeep of a wooden barn for just a few years would cost me about the same as an entirely new steel storage barn. I could not help but think about the time and money I would save yearly with not having to replace and fix things each time a heavy storm blew through town.

I searched some more on the world wide web and even spoke with some locals; they turned me to a place nearby with a great reputation, Barn Shed and Carport Direct. (BSCD) They are located near me in southern Georgia and can deliver and install quite quickly. I called them up and discussed with them the issues I was having with my old wooden barn and what hassles I was trying to alleviate. Then we discussed what and how I would be using my new barn and they even let me help design it. (Now I was really hooked!) In no time at all, we did some paperwork and the deal was done. About three or so weeks later, a team of men showed up, they leveled the ground, laid a sturdy foundation and professionally assembled my metal barn.

A month has come and gone and I have shuffled all my animals, feed, hay and equipment over to my new sturdy steel barn. And as I sit here today telling you about my journey into the metal world, a wicked thunder storm is passing through; a few months ago I would have been glued to window watching to see the damage it would bestow upon me, but not today, not anymore. So here is a special thanks to my new friends at Barn Shed and Carport Direct.

One happy customer & farmer

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