It may be time to look at a metal barn


Barns are considered a necessity by many and a luxury for others. The labor and material to construct a barn can get costly especially if you consider the time involved and is that the most efficient use of your time. The basic concept of a barn structure dates back many, many years and is most often thought of relating to agriculture. The primary uses for a barn have been to store farm equipment, or hay for cattle, and were constructed of wood or timbers. Many farmers over the years have also erected barns to protect their livestock or horses from the elements. Due to the fire hazard of a wood structure, the modern day barn is constructed of galvanized tubing and roof sheathing.

Today’s Barns

Metal Barns are becoming the norm due to many reasons. The main reason is cost but also in addition to less fire hazard, you will have less maintenance, and another big reason is time. Most metal barn structures are erected in a short period of time. With today’s farming equipment becoming larger and more expensive, it is important to protect that investment with proper shelter and the ability to secure your equipment.

Numerous Options

More and more farmers are choosing metal barns that include options like an office, feed rooms, tack rooms, tool rooms, and workshops. A variety of widths and heights are available with enclosed or open lean to’s. Many barns now include windows, roll up doors, walk in doors, and skylights. As most everyone knows, the traditional color for a barn is red. This goes back to the days when the color of red was the most economical and easy to get. At some point, it was determined that an ingredient in red paint, ferric oxide, may help to preserve the wood. The modern day barn is available in a variety of colors and trim colors.

2 car vertical roof garage

2 car vertical roof garage


Barn configurations are available up to forty feet wide for any single section and up to three hundred feet in length.  In most cases, anything over forty one feet in length, it is recommended to choose the vertical roof option due to potential seam issues. Options include structures that are engineered up to a 150 mph wind rating and 65 psf snow load. Up to a 25 year extended warranty is common with the availability of a 40 year warranty.  The frame is typically one foot shorter than the roof length allowing for an overhang on each end of the structure

Buying new barn

Buying new barn

Free Information

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