Metal Carports for Sale on Line


This brief article will hopefully give you some ideas and tips when searching on line looking for carports, barns, or sheds. You first need to determine what your needs are and align your needs with your budget. Metal Structures are clearly the most economical route. They are engineered products that are very durable and meet the needs they are designed to do. The basic need for a metal structure is to provide shelter and/or provide security for your belongings.


Metal Carport for sale OnLine

Items to Consider

If you need a carport, first determine what you intend to put under the carport. Some folks want one vehicle, others want two or three. Some want room for a truck and a boat or tractor. Others simply want to cover two vehicles from the elements. It is really amazing how getting a vehicle out of direct sunlight can increase the longevity of your investment. The same idea will apply to a boat, ATV, or camper. We have customers daily that know what they want but not sure about the size they need.

The industry pretty much recognizes an 18’ Wide x 21’ long as a double carport. However, this is designed for two small compact cars. You probably will be disappointed if your two vehicles are a large Pickup and a mid size car. Some folks are concerned not only with parking space but want to make certain that there is adequate room to comfortably open the doors.

2 Car A-frame


buy standard combo

Clearance Height

Another key item is to determine the correct height or clearance. Most metal structures use leg height to provide various clearance heights. This is similar to the side wall height in your home. The leg height is typically a standard five foot, which provides approximately eight foot of clearance at the center peak on the inside. That works great if you are only storing one large item. However, if you intend to store more than one vehicle, we suggest the leg height to be as close to the highest point on the tallest vehicle you are storing. This way the tallest vehicle may be parked close to the edge of the structure without limitation from the bow. Most companies easily can go as high was 12’ leg height. Heights above twelve feet are available but may require additional bracing.

An enclosed utility shed is available on most all models which will allow you to secure items such as your lawnmower, ATV, tools, weed eater, etc. Typically, the shed is the width of the carport and can be depth in five foot sections. This is usually referred to as a “combo’ meaning a combination of shelter and enclosed storage.

Free Information

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