General Questions

When is my carport going to be delivered?

Our standard installation time is 3-5 weeks, weather permitting.  We will notify you approximately a week ahead of scheduling to make sure they are ready and to confirm a date and time.

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What gauge is the metal?

The frame is 14 gauge and the roof is 29 gauge. 12 gauge framing is also available as an option as well as 26 gauge sheathing.

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Is there a warranty on the metal?

Material and workmanship is warranted for 1 year after installation. 12 gauge structures carry a 20 year limited warranty on rust through framing material assuming normal user care and maintenance. 14 gauge structures come with a 10 year warranty. Both 26 g and 29g steel side panels come with a 40 year warranty. Any alterations done by the customer to the purchased unit voids all warranties.

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Does my structure need extra braces?

We recommend additional bracing if the side height is 8' or taller on Certified structures. We may recommend additional bracing depending on the size of your structure.

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Do I need a special permit?

You, as the purchaser, have the responsibility of checking with your local government to see if any type of permit is required in your area. Requirements vary from county to county but are not normally required in Georgia except in coastal areas.

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Can I have the structure installed on a location that is not level?

Yes. However you may be required to sign a disclaimer voiding the warranty. Contact us if you have questions.

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What issue should I be knowledgeable of prior to ordering my metal structure?

It is very important for you to understand the importance of "level land". Your structure is built out of tubing and being more than a 6" out of level can create issues for the installers.

It may be necessary for you to do some alterations to your property if your desired location is more than 6" out of level.

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What options do I have if I do not see the exact size I need?

We can meet most any size, however, pricing is calculated in 5' sections on length. If your "exact" measurement is not divisible by 5, then the next longest length price will be used to calculate your price.

If you do not see the width, use the next widest price listed.

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Are "do it yourself" kits available?

Yes. We have kits available for certain sizes. We recommend you contact us if you are interested in a kit. We highly suggest you consider our trained professional installers.

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Are there any "additional costs" that I may incur that are not listed on your price sheets?

Contact a Barn, Shed and Carport Direct representative at (800) 673-9118 for information or questions.

There may be additional charges for installations over existing structures, side heights over 12’,structures installed on a deck or dock (non floating), installs on an existing wall up to 3’ tall, and for any additional leg cuts or base rail drilling on site.

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What is the roof pitch?


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What is the difference in the standard roof versus the vertical roof?

The standard roof application has horizontal lines or veins. The vertical roof, which is an up-charge depending on the size of structure, includes a ridge cap, additional bracing and provides vertical water shed. Both styles are efficient with the vertical roof option available only an A Frame structure.

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Who do I call if I have additional questions?

You may call and speak with a representative of Barn, Shed and Carport Direct at (800) 673-9118.