Product flexibility (customization) of your metal barn, shed or carport structure is often misunderstood and can be a deciding factor for many customers. Due to the fact that all metal barns, sheds and carports are produced to order, each metal structure is pretty much built with the customer’s specific needs in mind! Basically your barn, shed or carport comes in standard 5’ length sections with base rails that should be properly anchored to any type of surface you have. Each “end” of the metal structure has a 6” overhang which adds one foot to the length of the metal structure. Some of our customers choose to put the entire overhang on one end resulting in a one foot overhang.


Metal Barn, Shed or Carport Buildings Fully Customized to Meet Your Needs:


  1. Decide what size coverage you need for your metal building. Then the flexibility and customization begins! We can stretch or widen the width, make the length smaller or bigger, raise or lower the height depending on your peak height needs.
  2. The type of structure will vary the type bow which affects the peak height. Whether it is a traditional bow or A Frame, we can provide you roof heights to ensure what you are trying to cover will actually go under the structure.
  3. Choose what color you want the main structure to be and then choose trim color.
  4. You can even tell us where you want the doors and windows to be located and we will make sure to get them as close to your specifications as we can! Combo structures, which provide a combination of parking area and utility area, are one of the products that flexibility becomes very evident. The enclosed utility area can be 5’, 10’, 15’ or more depending on your needs and budget.
  5. A very popular choice for metal structure owners is the vertical roof treatment; the standard or traditional roof treatment provides excellent coverage with the “veins” in the sheathing running horizontal.
  6. An upgrade option from the A Frame style is the vertical roof option in which the “veins” in the sheathing are running from the peak of the roof vertically. A vertical roof comes with a ridge cap, some additional roof bracing and is very visually appealing.
  7. Our regular factory direct pricing includes leg heights up to 12’ however if you need a barn, shed or carport more than 12’ feet tall, call us at (800) 673-9118 to discuss your options.
  8.  We offer a barn, shed or carport that can be certified up to a 150 mph wind rating.


So, whether it’s the smallest carport, a very large barn for the farm or a shed for your stuff, we have the building that fits your needs.